Chris Hallett

Hi I’m Chris Hallett, founder of Chris Hallet Coaching.

My mission is simply to keep being the best I can be and help you achieve the best results possible.

Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it”, and you can.


I had a dream…to play music and to fulfil my dream, so I joined the army as a musician

From Musician to IT, Project Management & Family

My world was rocked one night when a friend told me that I should pursue a career in IT. Once I investigated, I was hooked and left the cosy world of the army to become a civilian and launch my new career in IT. 

My world was rocked a second time just as I was making plans to start afresh, when I met Claire, a beautiful, caring young lady. I knew immediately that I wanted to spend the rest of my life her.

My third big event was when our daughter Georgina was born in 1991.

Outside of business, we have enjoyed a life a life of music, dance, theatre, sport and medieval re-enactment.

Personal development has been in my blood ever since I made that first change, going from a Musician in the Army to working in IT.


Because I paid for my own training to become a qualified computer programmer. That passion to better myself, embodying lifelong learning, has now taken me into the world of training and coaching.


From Desperation to Breakthrough Coaching

I discovered Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy when the wheels came of my life in a spectacular fashion in 2009.

After 2 redundancies, I was hired as the MD of a fledgling company. After 4 months  the owner gave me an ultimatum.

Work 6 months for free or get out!

I was devastated.

No money, no job, no prospects and on the scrap heap. I couldn’t get a job of any kind.

I sought help from one of the country’s leading breakthrough coaches and did a Breakthrough Session. This had such an impact on me that I decided that I needed to change.

I wanted to become a Breakthrough Coach.

I signed up with the Performance Partnership and qualified first as a Practitioner and then as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy , NLP Master Coach and Master Hypnotherapist.

Pursuing The Easy Life

Chris Hallett

Even though I had been certified as a Certified Breakthrough Coach, I pursued what I knew best, the comfortable, easy life of a freelance Project Management Consultant built on the back of a career doing exactly the same.

Yet, it wasn’t enough! 

I had done it for far too long and it didn’t excite me.

Yet, every time I promoted what I did, I didn’t feel the buzz, the excitement or passion.

Everytime I worked on a client site, I felt I was dying inside

I saw the occasional client when I could and dealt with issues such as:

  • fear of heights and fear of flying, often they are linked
  • smokers wanting to quit, and many who didn’t
  • aspiring drivers who couldn’t pass their driving test
  • insomniacs who were desperate to sleep better
  • successful professionals, dissatisfied with their career choice and unhappy in life

and many business owners, who had a fear of self-promotion and suffered from imposter syndrome.

And then…..

My world changed forever.

The Journey Continues


“Life Must Go On”!

Sadly, this year we lost my beautiful wife and friend Claire.

She said to me just 2 weeks before her untimely passing, life has to go on.

And so it does, and the journey continues through 2020 and beyond.


Chris Hallett Coaching is Born

I realised it was time to commit 100% to Breakthrough Coaching and leave the familiar world of Project Management behind.

And so Chris HAllett Coaching has been created to bring you the best in Personal Development training and enable you be the best you can and to support, and develop you, your clients.

In spring 2021 The Achievement Centre under my direction, will be able to offer NLP, Hypnosis, NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy ™ Training and Certification to both Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level.

We Only Live Once, Make It Now

“I believe in walking the talk. Every technique I use with my clients, is verified by me, having used them in my own life first”.

To Your Success ~ Chris Hallett