Discover How Hypnotherapy Can Create Change in Your Life

Do you face a constant battle with yo-yo dieting and your weight? Do you falter and become despondent about your personal fitness? Are facing the daily battle to quit smoking and have tried, patches, cold-turkey and e-cigarettes without the lasting success that you seek? Are you suffering from stress and feel burnt-out? Are you fed up with life as it is and a ready to make the changes necessary to have the life you want? (Yes, you do have a choice). Are you ready to change your MindSet to get rid of the toxic elements of your life and create life Exactly how you dream of? Then read on …

Why Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Just imagine…being able to eliminate all of the toxic negative thought patterns have proved to be so destructive and being able to end the yo-yo cycle of your life, feeling relaxed, at one with who you really are; your confidence is growing daily as is your health and fitness and for the first time in your life you feel in control and able to shrug of the negative aspects of your life and your now feel equipped to deal with all that life throws at you, good and bad.

What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is the process of enabling you to enter either light or deep trance to create a state where change can occur easily and effortlessly because in trance you are in highly suggestible stet and open to suggestion, whilst Hypnotherapy is the application of Hypnosis as a therapeutic technique to bring about change.

 When we seek change to eliminate unwanted emotional states, such as anger, fear or guilt, to remove and toxic behaviour such as smoking, nail biting, to end stress or overcome insomnia or motion sickness we attempt to use our thinking mind to make the change. All change happens unconsciously therefore we need to use our unconscious mind or ‘sub-conscious’ and most people are ill equipped to make that change.

How does Hypnotherapy Work?

On our journey through life we accumulate emotions, beliefs and behaviours that work for us and enable us to create the success that we want. At various points we lose the ability to achieve that same success because of the emotional baggage of life; we encounter set-backs, complications and barriers that get in our way. By unlocking those barriers created within our mind we can move forward and enjoy more of the things that we do want and release the toxic aspects and barriers that stop us dead.

What If ……

Imagine being able to release and remove all of the toxic barriers that stand in your way, enjoy life to the full, banish stress once and for all create your future exactly how you see it.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are quite happy to undergo hypnosis and have seen amazing results as a result of this type of therapy. Others remain sceptical and even fearful of it, here are some of the frequently asked questions.


Can anyone be hypnotised?

Hypnotic trance is a naturally occurring state that most people encounter every single day of their lives; when you read, watch a film or TV, listen to music, drive home or catch the train. Those moments when you can’t recall your journey home or passing through a set of traffic lights – you’ve entered a mild trance-like state and you are still wide awake and conscious.

Will I lose control?

Hypnosis works on the basis that your mind is wholly owned by you and controlled by you. Therefore, during hypnosis, you will be 100% in control at all times.

Can be made to do things against my will?

You can only do something that you consent to.

Stage hypnosis, where audience members are made to run around like a chicken is very different to therapeutic hypnosis. Therapeutic hypnosis works on the basis that everything you are asked to do is within your comfort zone. Once you are asked to carry out a task which would require you leaving your comfort zone, you are likely to come out of the trance.

What If I don’t come out of trance?

Rest assured I have been trained by one of the leading Master Trainers of Hypnosis and have been equipped with all of the necessary training to enable you to both enter trance and leave it effortlessly and easily.